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OPP OF THE DAY: Volunteer Tutor – The Access Project

The opportunity:
You can tutor a young person aged between 14-18 years, online, for 1 hour a week; starting from September 2023. You will be a core component in a unique programme helping to tackle education inequality, and inspire the next generation of young people.

You will help them reach their potential, grow in confidence and raise their academic attainment. All in aid of helping them access the University their potential deserves. Your time will be focused on helping your tutee reinforce what they have learnt in school, problem solve the areas they find challenging, grow inconfidence and take ownership of their learning.

How do you do this?
All tutoring is delivered online, through a purpose built platform. Tutors have access to our extensive resource library and professional support from our staff, as well as a comprehensive training programme.

No prior teaching experience is necessary, as you are provided with everything you need to get started as a volunteer tutor. This includes guidance on lesson planning, topics and resources from The Access Project.

Tutorials will typically take place after school hours, starting no later than 6pm, and can be arranged to fit your availability on a week by week basis.

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