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OPP OF THE DAY: Volunteer Mentor – YMCA Black Country Group (Wren’s Nest Navigators Project)

We are looking for volunteers who are eager to make a difference in their own community and make a difference in the life of a young person. The mentor will regularly meet up with a young person offering a friendly ear, support and guidance and advice on making positive life choices. There will also be a need for the mentor to build a relationship with the young person’s parents/guardians, although the main focus is the young person. Full training will be given and a DBS Enhanced check will be required (no cost involved).

A mentor will be expected to regularly meet up with the young person over a twelve month period, no more than once per week, working together on activities that are fun and engaging. You must be a good listener and be able to engage in conversations with the young person to encourage them to develop important life skills. You will always set a good example to the young person and encourage positive behaviour. You will play an important role in helping a young person achieve their full potential and build on the young person’s strengths.

Residents live within the Wrens Nest and Priory Estates in Dudley. Activities can be arranged between mentors and mentees

This is flexible and to be agreed between the mentor and mentee so it is convenient for both.

Commitment/Duration (min/max period):
We are looking for a 12 month commitment for mentors.

It is important that mentors show a motivation to see children and young people succeed in life. Often this can be expressed as an understanding of the difficulties and challenges vulnerable young people might face. It can also be reflected in a mentor looking beyond the behaviour of a young person to see the root causes, to see the reasons why they may be behaving this way.

The mentor wherever possible seeks to encourage and praise the positive decisions and changes young people make.


Charlotte Nickless

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