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OPP OF THE DAY: Volunteer Mentor – Mentor Link

Mentor Link has over 200 volunteers who help support vulnerable and distressed children and young people across the West Midlands each week. We pride ourselves in being a local, friendly and child centred organisation offering a variety of volunteering opportunities to the local community.

We currently have 150 volunteer mentors, all of whom recognise that children and young people face challenges, and want to give their time and use their life skills in order to support them. We provide Induction training to all of our mentors when they first come on board, and our team of staff are here to offer continued support in the role.

How you can make a difference as a mentor?

Spending up to hour each week listening to and supporting a young person

Offering your life experiences to provide support

Giving something back to the younger generation

Talking about the world of work

All mentors will be subject to enhanced DBS clearance and have to provide 2 satisfactory character references before commencing mentoring. We provide travel expenses to our volunteer mentors.

Karen Arnold

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