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OPP OF THE DAY: Volunteer, Jigsaw Events

Opportunity description

Jigsaw volunteers ‘join-in’ activities at various community leisure and social venues in and around Sandwell and attend occasional ‘one-off’ events further afield.

Role Description

Jigsaw Events is looking for volunteers from the local community to support people with a learning disability on our programme of activities in the community. These include day coach trips, trips to the theatre and cinema, a craft group, snooker , an evening curry club and a walking group.

Members of Jigsaw (mostly people with a learning disability) chose the events they like to do from our rolling programme of activities.

We are able to pay for volunteer entrance fees where applicable, with the exception of the curry club. We can pay reasonable travel expenses, and a mileage allowance for people who can use their own cars to provide transport from home for members.

Jigsaw volunteers enjoy the activities on an equal basis with the members, and provide support where required, such as paying entrance fees, shopping, road safety, ordering food, using lockers etc.. They share in conversation with everyone and promote engagement in the activities.

Examples of tasks a volunteers might do

• Help to set out the room
• Meet and greet members
• Offer refreshments
• Assist with group activities
• Encouraging and supporting individual members – helping them to get the best out of a session
• Collecting fees and charges
• Telling people about future activities
• Communication with family and paid carers

Timescales (hours, days or length of volunteering role)

We hope that you will be able to volunteer for:

• Approximately 3 hours per fortnight

Benefits to you as a volunteer from taking on this role:

• Training
• Support
• New skills and experience
• Making a difference to your local community
• New friends and colleagues


Mary Bairstow

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