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OPP OF THE DAY: Volunteer in gift processing centre, Operation Christmas Child

We receive thousands of donations of lovely, gift-filled shoeboxes and need volunteers to process them for export to needy children. There are a variety of roles and the Supervisor will find the ones that suit you:
Unloading shoebox-size boxes from the collection vans.
Sorting the shoeboxes into stacks.
Checking the contents of the shoeboxes.
Fitting the shoeboxes into cartons.
Stacking and loading the cartons for export.

A warehouse-type building in the Black Country, probably in Kingswinford or Dudley area. As we only use temporary premises, we will know in October each year.

Monday to Friday, 19th November to 7th December.
Approximately 10am to 4pm.
There might be evenings or Satudays added.

By individual arrangement:
Minimum: 4 hours on one day.
Maximum: Everyday.
Breaks can be taken at any time. A separate room is provided for this with free hot drinks.

Children under 16 must be accompanied by responsible adult and permission form accepted before arrival.
Any behaviour which is intimidating, hostile, or humiliating will not be tolerated.

Access issues:
We enjoy having a variety of people in our processing centres which require people who can move light and heavy weights as well as people who can only move short distances. There will be jobs requiring only low level capacity and those for high level capacity. Pleae note that it might be very cold in the warehouse, and most roles require standing for long periods. Everyone will be considered, but it might not be possible to include everyone for safety reasons, limited supervision, or lack of suitable roles.

Other information:
Operation Christmas child gives shoeboxes to children solely based on need; they have a variety of backgrounds and beliefs. Our volunteers also have a variety of background and beliefs. We are a Christian charity but volunteers are not required to be a Christian to work in our processing centre.

This is an annual, seasonal need. Other seasonal and all-year roles to support this charity in the Black Country are available on a volunteer basis. Please enquire.

Ability to take directions from the Supervisor.
Any behaviour which is intimidating, hostile, humiliating, or risks the donations will not be tolerated.
Not everyone needs to have all of these skills:
Ability to lift moderate weight boxes.
Ability to lift heavy cartons.
Ability to pack carton efficiently.
Ability to see clearly to identify dirt on items and to read fine print.
Ability to follow detailed instructions and to ask for help if uncertain.
Ability to be in a very cold space for hours — please dress very warmly.
Ability to be busy with their hands the entire time.

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Susan Parker
Tel: 07484 781229

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