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OPP OF THE DAY: Volunteer Cat Foster Carer, Paws Protect – Cats Protection

Volunteer foster carers are the backbone of the service and we are currently recruiting for new carers in the Midlands. We are recruiting people who live across the Midlands who may be looking for the companionship of a pet cat, without the lifetime responsibility and cost that comes with owning one. Having a pet in the home can bring a lot of joy to people as they can be excellent companions. We find the service benefits our foster carers as much as it does our owners, it can be hugely rewarding for them to know they’re helping not just a cat but a person, or often a whole family, as well.

We do ask that our foster carers have no free roaming pets in their home (such as cats or dogs). We will cover all the expenses of caring for the cat, whilst providing support to our fosterers with advice throughout the process. The placements typically start at around 5 months, but can be longer if our support is extended. We provide any holiday cover so foster carers still have that flexibility if needed.

Home based across the Midlands.

Would need to be able to make availability for a collection or drop offs between Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

Between 5 months and 12 months.


Louise Hill

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