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OPP OF THE DAY: Office Volunteer, Proteus Reptile Trust

This role will help us run more efficiently and aid in the rehoming of animals in our care to suitable clients.

What you will be doing:
The role will involve the following typical tasks but not limited to:
• Filing of paperwork into correct areas
• Dealing with telephone enquires
• Answering emails and other forms of electronic enquires
• Assisting with the review and amendment of current documents used by the charity
• Assisting with the implication of new policies and procedures

When and where:
We are looking for someone who is available any of the below days:
• Monday AM – 10 – 12
• Monday PM – 1 – 4
• Friday AM – 10 – 12
• Friday PM – 1 – 4
• Saturdays – 10 – 4
Please note, there may be opportunity to help on an evening.

How can this role benefit you?
Volunteering at a new place can appear a little daunting, however worry not, our aim is to provide a friendly environment where you are surrounded by like-minded individuals.
Some of the benefits of volunteering are:
• It helps to build confidence.
• Learning new skills and gaining experience
• Making new friends
• You are part of pushing a place forward

We are looking for someone with the following:
• Good organisational skills who is passionate about making a difference
• Attention to detail is imperative
• Some experience with Microsoft Word and Excel
• Some experience with social media
• A creative flair would also be desirable.
The individual/s would also need to be able to work independently.

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Amy Taranaski

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