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OPP OF THE DAY: Modern Slavery Transport Volunteer Driver and/or Chaperone – Salvation Army Anti-Trafficking and Modern Slavery Unit

To transport & accompany victims of Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking to a place of safety. You may be the first person to show care and empathy to the victim on their journey to recovery.

Journeys can be anywhere in England & Wales and will be split with other volunteers if over a certain distance or time period.

Accountable to:
National Transport Coordinator Background: The Salvation Army has delivered the UK Government’s contract to provide support for victims of Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking since 2011. As part of the contract, The Salvation Army are required to provide a safe, effective & demand led Transport Service.

What you will do:

• Undertake transport journeys for victims as arranged by Transport Team

• Reply to notifications via smartphone app or text message to advise if you are available

• Complete and submit relevant paperwork •Ensure that the vehicle used is clean, roadworthy and legal

• Share any concerns about the victim with the transport team or relevant agencies whilst adhering to GDPR •Communicate with all parties in relation to the journey

• Ensure the victim feels safe and is cared for

No specfic venue. This is a nationwide programme, but we are looking for volunteers within the West Midlands, including Dudley, Black country & surrounding areas

Flexible. We will contact you via a mass notification system to confirm if you are available. Journeys could happen morning, afternoon or sometimes in an evening.

At least one journey per month. We’d like volunteers to be volunteering for at least 12 months

Mileage is paid. There will also be a refreshment allowance & any expenses incurred will be reimbursed as long as reasonable

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