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OPP OF THE DAY: Link Volunteer, The H.O.P.E. Project

Role Summary:
The Social Prescribing service provides a non-medical approach to supporting adults in Wolverhampton to improve their health and wellbeing. Our aim is to link vulnerable people in Wolverhampton with activities and support in their local communities which might help them to feel better and more connected to reduce feelings of isolation, loneliness, and depression.

The aim of the LINK Volunteer role is to support the delivery of the Social Prescribing service in a variety of ways. Volunteers will be supported by a community Link Worker who will provide guidance to volunteers in being able to provide beneficial support and advise to those accessing the service.

This is an excellent role for volunteers who wish to support others in their community and reduce loneliness and social isolation, while providing a range of supportive opportunities and experiences for volunteers within a health and social care setting.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:
We encourage volunteers to commit to at least 3 hours of volunteering a week. This can be one day, or across multiple days.

Volunteers will be asked to attend the Wolverhampton Voluntary and Community Action (WVCA) based in Wolverhampton Town Centre as this is where the Link Workers are based, and where service users access the service.

The tasks you will be asked to perform will depend on the needs of the service, the person you are matched with, and your personal level of confidence, experience, and interests. This may include the following:

• Telephone or face to face support for isolated housebound people across the city
• Support people to utilise technology to reduce their isolation and ensure that their health and social needs are being met.

Other types of support you might be asked to provide include supporting people to:

• Identify and attend social activities or groups in their local community
• Learn a new skill or find a new hobby that will bring them joy
• Help to cope with their long-term conditions by getting involved with community activities or connecting with other like-minded people
• Link people with support services such as befriending or other local support services
• Try out new activities that make them feel healthier such as walking or swimming

Each individual that volunteers will support will be on a case-by-case basis, and therefore no day will be the same, and volunteers get the opportunity to build a wide range of skills and experience.

The volunteer’s element of the service is managed by The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust and works in partnership with The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Charity and the Wolverhampton Voluntary and Community Action (WVCA). The WVCA is where the Link Workers are based and will be the main base for volunteers.


Ashleigh Key

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