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OPP OF THE DAY: Dudley Anti-Social Behaviour Victim Empowerment Project Volunteer, Victim Support West Midlands

Volunteers are needed to support Project officers deliver support to victims of persistent and ongoing Anti-Social Behaviour.

The project team supports victims and those affected by ASB to come to terms with and then move on from emotional and practical problems which follow ASB. This is done by providing free and confidential support, advice and information, in accordance with Victim Support policies and guidelines and our principles of equal opportunities.

Volunteers along with guidance from the project team can become involved in all the main tasks outlined below or can focus on:

  • Emotional support for victims either in or out of the office.
  • Advocacy
  • Administrative tasks
  • Awareness raising

Please talk to a project officer about which area of the work you would like to help with. Victim Support welcome your support and are happy to talk through how you can help them help victims of antisocial behaviour.

Project Officers
Telephone: 01384 455116

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