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OPP OF THE DAY: Domestic and Sexual Violence Project Volunteer, Breathing Space Therapeutic Services CIC

To support our Domestic and Sexual Violence (DSV) service by helping to facilitate women’s support groups and psycho – educational workshops within local schools.

You will assist with a multitude of ‘helping’ tasks, such as handing out resources, working alongside children and young people (CYP), exploring opinions around abuse and healthy/unhealthy relationships. Delivering psycho – educational workshops alongside our trained staff, you will gain experience of working with CYP, doing a front – facing role, and delivering workshops whilst gaining a better understanding of DSV.

We offer specialist DSV workshops to women who have suffered domestic or sexual violence. Sometimes we need assistance to simply make the women feel welcome and comfortable when they first join the group. Equally, discussing past experiences of trauma and abuse can be quite emotionally difficult for the women and your role would simply be to offer comfort when they become overwhelmed or upset and to simply ‘listen’. The role may sound incredibly basic but essentially, you will be needed to offer support, in a therapeutic capacity so any background/experience in counselling or psychology would be advantageous to this role.

Locations are confidential due to the nature of the work (safeguarding is a priority as some of our cases are high risk) but can obviously be discussed once applications have been made.

Currently hours are very sporadic. Schools often dictate what days/times we can access and deliver our psycho – educational workshops to CYP, and the ladies accessing our DSV groups tend to dictate the days we run courses, as many have childcare commitments. Again, this would be discussed at interview but flexibility would be needed here.

As much or as little as you can give.

DSV is a specialist area and the work is incredibly demanding emotionally. Please take this into consideration when making your application.

The person needed for this role must be:

  • An active listener: Often our clients are incredibly traumatised and just want to be heard, not advised.
  • Compassionate and kind: Often our clients have never experienced compassion or kindness.
  • Believe in the client – never minimise or deny what the client tells you.
  • Be non – judgmental
  • Be trauma focused
  • Take a non – gendered approach to helping victims of DSV.
  • Ideally, you will have some awareness of DSV and the impact it has on children and families.
  • Experience of counselling, psychology or mental health would be advantageous to the role.

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Rachel Mainstone

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