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OPP OF THE DAY: Dance Support Volunteer – Dance to Health (Aesop)

Our Dance Support Volunteers play an essential role in every Dance to Health group, helping us create a safe and friendly environment for all our participants. This role is open to anyone over the age of 18 with some experience of dance, movement, physical theatre, movement therapies or sports.

As a Dance Support Volunteer you will be able to participate in the dance sessions, offering support to group members and assisting the dance artist leading the group. As a part of the dance team delivering the project, your help will ensure that all participants get the one-to-one support they need to maximise the benefits of taking part.

Venues to be confirmed but will be Dudley based Community Centres.

Times to be confirmed but all will take place during the day on week days starting in November.

Dance to Health groups run weekly and each session lasts for 2 hours (90 minutes of activity and 30 minutes for refreshments and socialising). They are held in suitable halls in local community centres. A Dance Support Volunteer is expected to regularly attend the weekly sessions. The programme will be running for 26 weeks.

Note as of 07/10/22: We are just in the process of confirming the venues for our new sessions. There will be five in all and they will be spread across Dudley so if you are interested please do get in touch and we can confirm location at this point. We plan for the sessions to begin in November.

Sharon Sanderson

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