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OPP OF THE DAY: Community Champion, Race Against Blood Cancer

Line Manager: Community Engagement Manager
Where: Community-based
How often: Flexible – 2 to 4 hours per fortnight
How long: Minimum of 6 months

Why we need your help:
As a confident public speaker, you will be out and about giving talks about the charity and explaining what we do. Whether speaking to local clubs, associations or schools, you will ensure local people know about the vital support we provide as well as helping to increase volunteering and fundraising for the charity.

What we need you to do:
• Become familiar with the work of RABC in your local area in particular.
• Research and book talks with organisations which welcome outside speakers at meetings.
• Liaise with your local Community Engagement Manager with regard to new and/or existing contacts in the community.
• Deliver engaging and motivational talks using prepared scripts as guides.
• Pass nay donations and expressions of interest in supporting RABC back to your local Community Engagement Manager as quickly as possible.
• Keep a record of approaches made and talks given and occasionally represent the charity at local events and cheque presentations.

What you can bring to the role:
• Good communication skills and, in particular, confidence in public speaking.
• Ability to work on own initiative with good organisational skills.
• Willingness to ask people to support the charity through volunteering or fundraising.

What we can offer you:
• An opportunity to play an important role in helping the work of the charity.
• Speaker notes and FAQs.
• To become part of the RABC volunteer family.
• Regular support and contact from your local Community Engagement Manager.
• Valuable experience in public speaking.

What we ask of you:
• To follow RABC’s policies and procedures.
• To complete documentation relating to the role.
• To provide the appropriate driver documentation if you choose to drive whilst volunteering.


Gemma Elsmore

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