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OPP OF THE DAY: Camp Team Mate – Over The Wall (Staffordshire)

Over The Wall is a charity that helps children, young people and their families, living in the UK, reach beyond the boundaries of their health challenges to discover a world of mischief, magic and new possibilities. We do this by providing free of charge, transformative activity camps throughout the UK. Teammates are an essential part of camp, supporting campers throughout their time at Camp, building fantastic relationships whilst encouraging and inspiring and empowering campers as they complete camp activities. Campers will be divided into teams based on the age groups of 8-10, 11-13, 13-15 and 15-17. You will be part of a team of other amazing Volunteers supporting Campers in a wide range of activities, including Archery, Zip Wire, Rock Climbing, Arts and Crafts, Discovery, Sports and Games and encouraging them to reflect on what they have achieved in evening Cabin Chats. You will also look after the day-time and night-time needs of the Campers in their accommodation. Training is provided both before and at camp to ensure you have all the information you need for camp to be a great experience for you and the campers.

Whitemoor Lakes, Staffordshire

Our next camp is 11th – 15th April, but we have more throughout the year. To see a full list of dates, please visit

Camp is four days long (11th – 15th April) and you will be required to arrive one day early for training. We will give you all the necessary training and support and provide your accommodation and food for the duration of camp. Live close to a camp location? Join the camp fun supporting campers during the days of camp and then head back to your home comforts.

Requirements/Skills sought:
You don’t necessarily need experience working with children to be able to support camp – as long as you’re willing, generous and enthusiastic, we want to hear from you!

Steph Bullock, Engagement Coordinator

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