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OPP OF THE DAY: Board Director, More Mascots Please CIC



Role Director – More Mascots Please CIC

Reporting as part of Board of Directors Remuneration The role of the Director is unpaid. Must attend quarterly meetings which is unpaid. But are able to get travel allowance if necessary. We will pay out of pocket expenses.

Location On teams or at a meeting place to be specified by founder of the organisation. Will Be in the Dudley Borough or on Teams.

Time commitment Once every Quarter. Three actions to improve the sustainability of the CIC such as organising a fundraising event, signposting to other organisation’s or helping to interview new staff members.

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Role Description To attend Quarterly meeting to complete three actions that improve sustainability of the organisation such as organising a fundraising event, promoting on social media or assisting with a corporate sponsor.

Our Vision This is to make disabled disadvantaged and life limited children smile throughout the Dudley borough working with the most vulnerable to create a more playful, joyful and inclusive society. We also like to give support to parents and carers and give them nice opportunities where they can forget about their caring responsibilities. We want our play work activities to have an impact throughout Dudley and eventually the wider west midlands. We also provide young people with their first ever job within mainstream society.

Our Mission To Provide play work activities and support all children and young people throughout the borough. It is important to us that our profits are re invented back into the community to particularly support disabled disadvantaged and life limited young people. We do this by providing the children individual gifts, funding trips, and giving families pleasant experiences so that these children and families get through their everyday lives.

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