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OPP OF THE DAY: Activity Assistant, Blackheath Live at Home Scheme

We welcome volunteers to help us across our range of activities; from exercise classes to tea dance or lunch clubs. Volunteers can choose which activity/ies they would like to help at. Working with other volunteers and a staff member they will help to provide services and support to our members who are all over 60 years of age. We place a strong emphasis on friendship and enjoyment and try to build a good bond between all participants.

The main skills are the ability to join in and contribute. We will provide training for anyone with a specific task. e.g Food safety for those helping in the kitchen. Previous experience of working with people over 60 is welcome but not essential.
An important attribute is to be punctual and reliable, this does not mean attending every week but does mean that we ask you to let us know when you are available and then attend as agreed.

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Peter King
Tel: 0121 561 7941

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